Who is B C Artisan


BC 250

B C Artisan Multi Media Inc, got it's start in 2005, with a magazine and promoting local concerts. As the company grow and expanded it incorporated in 2010.

BC Artisan is now a full service multi-media company with services including Written division ( which includes promotional items, magazines, news letters, instruction manuals, and more.), the Audio division ( which includes concerts, audio cd creati


on, and internet radio.), the Video division ( which includes event filming, commercial creation, instructional videos, and internet streaming.) and Digital division (which includes website design and many related services)

Charles Powell CEO,

Lead Photographer and Head Instructor for photography courses. 

Charles has been organizing events since 1995, and has among his degrees a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art which he is working toward a Masters Degree in.

Charles enjoys working with up and coming artists to help get them a start, as well as working with established artists and annual events.

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